Commercial Glass Marietta

A commercial or industrial building would be incomplete without commercial glass doors. Besides serving as storefronts, entrances, and exits, these doors are also used in many other purposes. Moreover, they're available in various colors and textures- from frosted glass to clear glass that's tinted to untinted! Consequently, if you've considered commercial glass doors for your business, now is the time to move forward before it's too late!

The installation of a revolving door at a front entrance can save a number of businesses money on utility costs throughout the year. This page offers an overview of three types of stylish, energy-efficient glass doors.

Single-slide doors:

Single-slide doors consist of two panels, one of which has a longer track length than the other. Most of the revolving doors in use today are single slide doors, primarily because of their ease of use and low cost. Furthermore, it is more frequently used in commercial buildings because it is easy to open for large groups of people to enter or leave.

Double-slide doors: 

The track length of double-slide doors is shorter than that of single-slide doors. Commercial glass doors are usually equipped with double-slide doors, providing the least wind resistance.

Bi-folding doors: 

Two doors fold together and open and close in opposite directions instead of one sliding panel or two sliding panels that open only inward. Due to its durability, the bi-fold door has a longer service life than the other two types of glass doors. It can also be used on outside openings because it folds inward when not in use.

Commercial glass doors are sometimes questioned rather than revolving doors with some other type of entrance. You need to consider the number of people entering and leaving your business. Let's say you operate a taxi business, and your customers regularly come to pick up vehicles. In that case, an entrance that uses heavy doors will be unable to accommodate them as easily as a commercial glass door.

During the construction of your building, you need to consider the amount of wind pressure you will encounter. Due to the fact that business entrance doors typically are bi-folding glass doors or double sliding doors, which tend to open in the direction of gusts of wind to prevent being damaged by the wind, this is true. Single sliders are not commonly used in commercial buildings because they are weaker and cannot withstand strong winds.

In conclusion, revolving doors have various types of doors, but they all serve a purpose and can be useful for various purposes, depending on the building in which they are installed. Installing commercial glass doors on your building is the best way to avoid paying higher energy bills.